A Day Out of the Sun for Some Analyzing Fun!

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Hi everyone! This is Jessica Fett again to talk about our day. We took a day off from our field work in North Kaneohe Bay today to do some work in the classroom and get some much needed relaxation and time out of the hot sun. Each group was very productive for analyzing their data […]

Cake in the middle of the ocean.

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Hi guysssss!!! My first blog post finally Anita here reporting, today was our third day out in the field, and it’s pretty rad because I can tell all the groups are getting better at working together and gathering data. Teamwork and communication is definitely vital in these projects, and recognizing specific strengths in your teammates […]

What are corals stressed about?… Current events :D

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Hello friends and family! This is Kate and Paige here to give you the daily report. Today started off with all three groups collaborating on what needed to be done for fieldwork today. We collectively decided to take a “meditation” day where we all took things a little slower (we’re all VERY exhausted). We took […]

Sharks, Jellies, and Calving, oh my!!

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Hello humans, this is Sarah Albright and Kelsey(again). We are currently attempting to do some chilling after our first official field day working on our research projects. Also really feeling a nap would be nice after a long beautiful day in the sun followed by an AMAZING tofu curry dinner made by Anita with Jess […]

Good Morning Scientists! The Coral Say Hello!!!!

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This post is brought to you by the discoverers of a new mutant coral baby, Andrew Osberg and Cindy Chiu? The morning started bright and early, and what better way to cure the early morning blues with blueberry pancakes and coffee, followed by a larva collection of Pocillopora damicornis (lace coral), at 7:00 am. The […]

Boat Driving Day

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This is Kate Cockerille and Sam Donohoo, reporting live from the kitchen/living room. We are currently sitting all alone, as everybody was eager to get off the island to enjoy some free time before our imminent return Sunday night. We started off our Saturday morning in style with 2 pots of strong coffee, coffee cake […]

Day 4: More Exploration

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Hi all! Ashley and Marisa here. Today was our fourth day on Coconut Island and our second day out in Kaneohe Bay. We continued exploring the different reefs so we can start to develop our research questions. With our amazing boat Capitan Dr. Cynthia Hunter and our other crew members Andrew and Paige, we explored […]

A Fun Day Exploring the North Bay!

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Aloha, this is Kelsey Cawdrey(officially 22 today :P) and Jessica Fett reporting from our “breakfast kitchen”. We are two of the marine bio elite scientists on the Biol 403 2016 field expedition. Our morning began with boat education from Dr. Hunter, Fred, and Becca at 8:15 am. We learned about the safety procedures and equipment […]

Just Getting Started

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Aloha! My name is Ji Hoon Justin Han and I am one of the undergraduate crew of BIOL403 2016. First, I have to say this will be very interesting and fun month! (Except we miss our lovely family, but that is why we are posting this daily blog!) After massive informative first day, we worked […]

Heigh’ho! It’s off to Moku O Lo’e we go.

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Aloha! I can hear the waves lapping just outside the window, the students typing away and the constant buzz of the airplanes across the bay at the military base. The fresh ocean breeze is a delight this evening. There is excitement and nervousness in the air. But I would say that, undoubtably, everyone is excited […]