Day 10: A Change of Plans

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Day 10: A Change of Plans Due to heavy rains over the past few nights, a brown water alert was declared for the Kᾱne’ohe Bay area. Needless to say, we weren’t able to go into the water today as was previously planned. We started the day off with our scheduled lecture by Dr. Kaipo […]

Day 9: A Montipora Birthday

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              The first stop was reef 46, where we made sure there wasn’t any M. dilatata on that reef so the Montipora group could see the differences between places with M. dilatata and those without. Next was off to reef 44 for taking the perimeter of the M. dilatata […]

Day 8: Ridge to reef

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Aloha! Despite the fact that this was not a field day, BIOL 403 students were happy to spend the day avoiding the rain and enjoying informative lectures. The first lecture of the day was from our very own Dr. Ku’ulei Rodgers aka Mother of Coral who discussed her work with the Coral Reef Assessment and […]

Day 7: A Frogfish and Struggles Production

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The thug life has a habit of sneaking up on people. Here’s a recap of the past week and a half: Early mornings have become somewhat standard for the residents of the Hale Hinalea Dorm. Seven students meandered their way over to the Point Lab for the third consecutive day of Pocillipora damicornis spawning. Unfortunately, […]

Day 6: Is this invasive… or not?

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Aloha from Coconut Island! Today our research team got a much needed break from the rigorous surveying tasks that we’ve been performing throughout Kaneohe Bay. Instead of looking at specimens in the field, we enriched our minds with knowledgeable lectures! Some people woke up at 7 to watch Pocillopora damicornis, and they found 30! The […]

Day 5: Corals making babies

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Aloha! Today was a longgggg day! For our seventh wonderful day on Coconut Island, we observed coral spawning and started trying out research techniques for our experiments. We were up and ready to go at the coral “Point lab” (HIMB Coral Reef Ecology Lab) at 7:00am to see Pocilliopora damicornis spawn. They were slow to […]

Day 4: Adventures to find Humphrey’s family!

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Aloha! Today we explored Central and South Kaneohe Bay in hopes to find Lingula reevii. Lingula reevii is a brachiopod that is only found in the Indo-pacific. It lives in sandy substrate of shallow, tropical waters and is very difficult to find. It burrows deep into the sediment with only three small holes as an […]

Day 3: First Bay Day

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Hey! My name is Charley Westbrook and I am also a Marine Biology graduate student at the University of Hawai’i. My research is conducted under the guidance of Dr. Rob Toonen as well as Dr. Brain Bowen. Although the bulk of my research at the Hawai’i Institute of Marine Biology has revolved around the feeding […]

Day 2: Just keep treading….

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Aloha, My name is Lauren Van Heukelem and I am a Marine Biology graduate student at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa working in Dr. Celia Smiths Lab on invasive algae and Tripneutes gratilla. I took this course in 2011 and this will be my second year of being the Teaching assistant. The day started […]

Day 1: All Aboard!

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Aloha! Welcome to the BIOL 403 2013 (YEAR 11) blog! My name is Keisha and I am one of the Teaching Assistant for this year’s Field Problems in Marine Biology field course. I am currently a Ph.D. student (Zoology) in the Coral Reef Ecology Lab (Point Lab) at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology under […]