Day 7: Sea Hares, Sea Cucumbers, and Sharks oh my!

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After an eventful rest day where we sadly found a dead turtle near sandy beach on island and had to complete our teams’ project proposals, we came back to class Monday morning to review each team’s assigned methods data collection (timed swim-red, adaptive cluster sampling-purple, benthic surveying-green, and water quality-blue).  After fine-tuning our planned data […]

DAY 5: Fundamentals of Fungia

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This morning we woke up to beautiful weather, strong winds, and a replenished stock of breakfast foods- thanks to Becca! After breakfast we had a skype GIS lesson with Dr. Wedding, where she gave us a tour of some of the map data that is available to us. Following our lecture, we had a very […]

DAY 4: Day 4 of No Sleep

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Today we started off with a skype visit from Dr. Wedding to give us a brief introduction to GIS which will help us in developing our research.  GIS stands for geographic information systems and is a tool used for collecting, managing, and analyzing spatial data. We started to think about our proposal ideas and figure […]


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As another rainy day started on Moku O L’oe , spirits were certainly not as damp as the weather outside. The four scientific paper summaries we ALL completed the night before (well, most…) found us admittedly exhausted, but still very much willing to learn more about the subject of marine habitats in Kaneohe Bay. We […]


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Aloha mai kākou, itʻs Baylee and Mike here! This morning we awoke to pouring rain and had our first breakfast on Coconut Island. We stayed positive about the coming day and received a boat safety lecture from Jason Jones. Everyone learned to tie a bowline and how to properly cleat a boat. Due to our collective […]

Day 1: Ho’omaka- To begin

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Aloha! 403 is back again this summer and all the students arrived on Coconut Island this morning ready to go. It’s going to be a month packed full of coral surveys, water analysis, benthic studies and more! In the classroom we have a great line up of guest speakers coming to talk to us about all […]

Day 22: This is not the end!

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Hello everyone Rhianna here, It is the last day can you believe it. All groups are putting the finishing touches on their papers and busting out some fantastic presentations, can’t wait to watch them all. It is quite incredible how time flies by, yet I feel like introductions were ages ago. We all have made […]

Day 21: The Final Countdown

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Hey everybody!!! It’s Kalene from Gang Green on my last blog post. After all the great times yesterday, we spent today in study mode. With only a few days until our presentations, the dorms are quiet while revising their papers. Starbucks was brought and meetings were had to make sure the best papers are being […]

Day 20: The Finale!

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Hey all, this is Alina again! So…today was our last day of field work. sad day. But it was also a very eventful day. It all started with an early meeting (at least for me because I enjoy my sleep) with Dr. Wedding to discuss some final details for our data. Then we made our […]

Day 19: Eradicating the HOBO’s and such

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Hello all, this is Delaney. The story of today starts two days ago on Saturday afternoon… Every team was working so hard to finish their results section of our papers so that they could have a relaxing Saturday night. Everyone finished early in the evening… except for the Blue team. We had so much data […]