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Day 20: All Sun-gia, No Fungia, and No Worries et al.

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The students woke up today with the knowledge that it would be our last encounter with Biology 403 field work in the bay, which left a bittersweet taste in our wetsuits. It was the first time that it truly felt as though our adventure was winding down when it would be the last time entering […]

Day 19: On this episode of Survivor…

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This morning started off in the classroom working on our results with Dr. Wedding and Dr. Bahr. We continued developing our maps on ArcGIS and working in our results until lunch time. Presenting them in groups helped us to improve and clarify our discussions. After lunch, half the group headed out in the boats, the […]

Day 18: G-I-S-S-I-N-G

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Today I woke up to a nice, breezy, and partly cloudy morning. As I woke up, my mind was on automatic pilot, and it seemed like another wonderful day. It wasn’t until later that I realized today was different, that today would be the beginning of the end of our journey on this island within an […]


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Bri from the purple team here! As we near the end of our field days all the teams are going crazy running analysis on all the data we’ve collected! And boy is there a lot of it. Dr. Bahr was kind enough to give us a lecture on the JMP program today that is going […]

Day 16: You Can’t Spell Fungia Without Fun… or UNG

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Day 16 on Coconut Island. Last night, we got the exciting opportunity to watch coral spawn at midnight, pictures of which can be seen below: Our second instructor, Lisa Wedding, arrived on Coconut island last night in order to teach us how to use the GIS mapping program to map our reef results as we […]


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The day started off with a stats sesh, as Dr. Bahr and Dr. Hunter enlightened us on the use of statistical analyses for our projects. Blue team had a great time. You know, we were running on fumes – literally – for the boat. We stopped by Heeia Pier to refuel the Hinalea. Red team […]

Day 14: Field Surveys SpongeBob Edition

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Today, after our morning meeting, Blue and Green team joined forces for the first time and shared a boat to do field surveys. Together we drove out to collect water quality data and to survey reef 42 (after picking up fuel for the boat)! The water was surprisingly deep and we were able to swim […]


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Greatest Memorial Day ever. While everyone got to sleep in today, we – the magnificent students – woke up early to attend an awesome talk by Emily Sesno on collector urchins. She was interested in looking at sea urchins as a model organism and seeing the effects of climate change and ocean acidification on Tripneustes […]

Day 12: New Day, New Surveys

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Bri and Lauren from the purple team here! Today everyone was relieved to finally change surveying methods after dealing with a plethora of issues the past week. The purple team got to try out timed swim surveys on reefs 24 and 26. It was kind of like exploring all over again! We were lucky enough […]

Day 11: Another Long Day of Research

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Today was our last day perfecting our survey method before we switch to a new method. The Red Mantas braved the rough waters today and surveyed reefs 33 and 38.  Luckily we did not have large swells today but the water felt much colder than the past couples of day.  This was probably due to […]