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NEW MOON!! and not that vampire nonsense!!

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We began our expedition today, aboard three research vessels, and headed out to the Bay, to do some fieldwork. We first rushed to Reef 47, to collect our flow-balls made of plaster, and then we quickly headed to Reef 37 to survey for Montipora dilatata. To our chagrin we were unable to identify any colonies. […]

Day 11: Aloha Friday!!!

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After a late start getting up, since everyone was so tired from our hard night’s work, class started just on time. Since we weren’t in the field today, the first half of the day was spent working on a continuation of Wednesday’s lab, learning the GIS modules, which actually takes more time than one would […]

Day 10: So Many Reefs…

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So after a long hard day in the classroom working on GIS on our computers, we got to go back out into the field for a whopping 6.5 hours (from 9:30 to 4).  The day started off quite nice though.  The group was all ready to go by about 9:15, we had a little meeting in […]

Day 9: Computer Meltdown!!!!!

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We awoke this morning thinking it would be a relaxing day. We didn’t have to go out to the field, it was a day of GIS (Geographical Informational System) labs in the education classroom. Little did we know that the day would be filled with computer failures (mainly mine) and three hours of trying to […]

Day 8: Serious Surveying

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After a busy day of trial runs yesterday, we set out for round two of surveying the reefs. Around 10AM, we boarded the boats and set out for Pyramid Reef. After a quick dip, we headed to Reef 44 (where the dinosaur lives) to check our Montipora dilatata survey spots. We made a few adjustments […]


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The sun rose over the calm seas in Kaneohe Bay, O’ahu this morning whilst nine young, intelligent, charismatic, strikingly good looking marine biologists prepared for the day ahead of them. Research and adventure was what Mother Nature had in store for the companions as they looked over charts and filled their seafaring vessels. As the […]

Day 6: Boating exam and island exploration

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After a long nights sleep and some last minute studying, we were all ready to head to Waikiki yacht club to take the US coast guard boating exam. Luckily, both James and Madison were able to drive us back to town! Thanks! A very nice lady greeted us when arriving to the yacht club. And […]

Day 5: wireless, proposals, etc.

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Today we got internet in the dorm rooms!  We loved that man until the coconut trimmers took our internet away. But on a more educational note, we determined what each group is going to be researching for the next two weeks and writing their final papers on.  The three major topics are Montipora dilatata (Ceina, […]

Day 4: Sea Leg Initiation

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First day in the field to get a feel for our research sites that we will be focusing on for the next three weeks. The morning started with an early morning trip for Madison at Goby bay, where she photographed many Cassiopea sp.(upside down jellies) and some very hungry Opheodesoma spectabilis(sea cucumbers)…. Next was a trip to pyramid […]

Day 3: First day of real work!

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Today we started our plunge into scientific learning by starting out the morning lecture with a presentation from Zac Forsman, a coral researcher here at HIMB. After lunch we took what we learned from day 2 and used GIS navigation compasses and transects to document marine organisms along transects in Goby Bay on Coconut Island. […]