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Goodbye Coconut!

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A’hoy mateys! As the great Daniel DeSmidt (and the late Charles Dickens) once said, ‘twas the best of days, twas the worst of days’ and today ‘twas the last of days for the Biology 403 Field Class of 2011 on Coconut Island. To express in words what our time together on Coconut Island has been […]

The Last

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Last full day on Coconut Island. Last day to finish our research and papers. Last supper (which was incredible thanks to Lisa…you are for sure the BOMB Lisa and we love you!).   There are no words to explain the experience that us 9 college students have had on this small island. We have learned […]

Computer Screens Galore

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Today was yet another day in the classroom.  We started bright and early this morning powering through our discussion sections.  As some group members worked on the discussion sections other group members worked on the power point presentations which the groups are giving on Friday.  The entire reports are due tomorrow and all day we […]

Day 20: Another Day in Paradise

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Hello everybody! Today was another giving day on-board Moku O Loe! Like most other mornings, today was no different. That is, it started out with great, finger licking pancakes made by James and Keisha. After breakfast, we packed our computers and headed over to our classroom for another day working on our final papers. With […]

DAY 19: Last week at Coconut Island :(

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Aloha! Thanks for checking in! It’s been three epic weeks so far, and today marked the beginning of our final week here at Coconut Island. In the past three weeks, we’ve all learned more than we ever thought imaginable. We have gathered dozens of hours of field work experience surveying coral reefs, learned the amazing […]

Day 18: Some fun in the Sun

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Because we are all such proactive students and finished all our research already, today was just a day to relax and explore parts of Kane’ohe Bay that we had not been to yet. We also had some guests today, Chuck and Will, who took some aerial photographs of Reefs 44 and 43 for us. Thanks […]

Day 17: LINGULA!!!!!!

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After a group meeting this morning, it was decided that we would be going to three lingula sites today. We consulted with Kosta, Chris, and Christina and decided to go to the Sandbar, Pyramid, and a place we have named the Pier (next to the coconut island pier). The weather was not very nice when […]

Day 16: Shout outs!

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We woke up early this morning to bacon, eggs, and rice. James thought this would be a perfect day to start off our first of three field days in a row. After breakfast, Lauren and James made some more spam musubies for lunch. Then we geared up and headed out to the field. Each boat […]

Technological Hurricanes and Cartographer’s Fugues.

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‘Twas the best of classes; it was the worst of classes. It was the somber confinement of an arid classroom; it was the epitome of cartography. It was an ArcGIS lecture; it was definitely NOT the French revolution… although some may relate the two with a common term: “bloodbath”. Despite the fact this band of […]

Study day at Coconut Island!

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After a great breakfast, we all headed up to the education building in which Lisa was waiting. Today was another GIS learning day! From 9 to 12, we all went over a bunch of tutorials that taught us the basics of GIS – Geographic Information System! During lunch, our experienced TA Chris came over to […]