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Overfishing and the Consequences of Eliminating Apex Predators

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Many aspects in a community dictate the organism’s fate and wellbeing.  None more important is the factor of human impact.  During the past decades, our oceans have suffered detrimental effects due to overfishing and inevitably leading to trophic cascades.  A trophic cascade is the effect that a change in the size of one population in […]

Do Hawaii fish size limits make sense?

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Lawmakers always tell you, “This is the right law to pass. This will surely help the conservation efforts of fish here in Hawaii.” The truth is that I am not so sure. In fact, I would even go as far to say that the laws and regulations they currently have in place for legal limits […]

Damming the Mekong

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Replacement of rapidly depleting and highly polluting fossil fuels has initiated governments to seek an alternative in hydroelectricity production. Particularly on the borders of the Mekong River, this attempt to address the energy crisis while providing economic gain to surrounding nations has blinded investors and government officials from potential catastrophic environmental consequences. Projected hydropower developments […]