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An adventure

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Today we set off at 9:38 AM to start data collection for the Montipora group, but as we left the harbor, the ever-so-calm water beckoned to us….it’s playtime. The entire Kaneohe Bay was like glass so we set out to the open sea to Moku Manu (Turtle Island), which is a bird sanctuary off of the […]


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Shout out to DLNR for supplying the Bio 403 class with a thousand baby sea urchins (Tripnuestes gratilla) to deploy at Reef 44! I know what you’re probably thinking right now, “He’s exaggerating.” NOPE. We spent the morning oh so carefully placing a thousand baby sea urchins next to patches of Eucheuma and Kappaphycusseaweed so they could get their nom on. […]