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Passion and Traditions

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My favorite thing to do growing up was to collect animal picture books and draw every single animal on every page. I still have all of the books that I used to read. Through reading (or more like admiring the photos and drawings) these picture books, I would learn about all these species of animals […]

Surveying Kaneohe Bay

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Last winter semester I participated in my directed research which consisted of surveying Kaneohe bay. Kāneʻohe Bay is a protected bay of Oahu with two main channels through the reef, allowing ship access to the sea and act as principle water exits. Kāneʻohe stream discharges into the bay, accounting for more than 75% of the […]

Rivers and lakes under the ocean?

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Acres of tube-worms swaying in the “breeze” along the shoreline? Such is the reality for the brine pools under the Gulf of Mexico and in Antarctica. Brine pools have a salinity that is three to five times greater than the surrounding ocean, and occur from either the accruement of salt from salt tectonics (large salt […]