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The balance of sharing this planet…

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The United States of America is mostly concerned with protecting freedom and equipping its military with the best defense mechanisms possible. This need to want to protect and defend can come at a cost to helpless marine mammals. This is seen in the heavy use of sonar by navy vessels. One case in particular was […]

Harbor improvements might impact endangered coral species

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Hawai’i governor Neil Abercrombie as of February 25th, 2013 has announced the potential release of approximately 50 million dollars for capital improvement projects designated for four different harbors across three islands ( These harbors include Honolulu and Barbers Point harbors on the island of Oahu, Hilo harbor on the island of Hawai’i and Kahului harbor […]

Great Lakes invaded

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Let’s take a step back from the ocean and dive into some freshwater problems plaguing my home state of Illinois. Several species of invasive carp originating from Asia have been wreaking havoc on the ecosystems of waterways in Illinois and surrounding states. These carp were introduced to assist in cleaning agricultural ponds in the South […]