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Day 20: the beginning of the end?!

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Hello again faithful readers, As we begin our last week here on Coconut Island, it’s truly beginning to set in just how little time is left (and how much needs to happen in that short amount of time). With Tropical Storm Flossie on the horizon, the morning began a bit incomprehensibly as we all struggled […]

Day 18: Sunday Funday—fishpond drones and beach house bbq

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The first item on our class agenda was a 10:00 AM rendezvous with our teachers and TAs to head off to He`eia fishpond—a 500 year-old Hawaiian fishpond currently under the care of Paepae o`He`eia—for a collaborative project with the UH Geography Department put together by Dr. Wedding. The project involved some remote-controlled helicopters (drones) taking […]

Day 17: The calm before the storm

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Today started out with our usual pep talk and encouragements from Dr. Hunter and our brilliant TAs. After this, we started our 5th morning in a row of GIS lab work with Dr. Wedding. Today we worked on producing a map of Hanauma Bay with previously collected data points, specific to different ocean bottom types. […]

Day 16: Positive Vibes

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Today started with our usual logistics meeting. We did a quick ArcGIS lab in the morning and then all groups set out to collect data… at low tide! Reef 47: Photo credit: Nikki Gutlay The Lingula crew set out for Pyramid Reef so that can do their Lingula counts. They also measured water depth, temperature […]

Day 15: Reef Crawls and a SHARK!

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With the super low tides this morning, we had another short GIS lab. Our task was to create a map of He’eia Fishpond with satellite images to compare with our own images we will take on Sunday during our aerial imaging lab (how cool is that?)! Aside from some computer troubles, the maps came out beautifully! After […]

Day 14: Here there be marine biologists

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It was another sunrise and another day here, on Gilligan’s Island.  It seemed like we all had had a good night’s sleep because, as usual, at around 7:30 or so, all the “zombies” started coming out of their rooms.  Their familiar cry of “Cooofffeee…” always heralded a bright, new day.                                                      Photo credit: Aly […]

Day 13: ArcGIS on a Rainy Day

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This morning we all woke up around 8 am and were relieved to have had the luxury of an extra 30 minutes or so of sleep.  Shortly after I sat up in bed and rubbed my tired eyes I heard a bunch of gasps.  In my partially conscious state I immediately was confused but soon […]

Day 12: Thieves, Stings and Rescues, All Good Fun

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After out regular morning meeting, we set out to He’eia pier to refuel the UH Marine Biology boat. We then set out to Reef 47 in the North Bay for a standard day of surveying. However, we were surprised (and outraged) to find our first HOBO logger stolen! The thieves even had the nerve to […]

Day 11: From Grumbles to giggles

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Every morning seems to be more difficult than the last. Bodies were aching and there was definitely some grumbling as everyone started the day off.  As we got our gear ready in a semi-conscious state, we planned our day of surveying that we had discussed the night before. After a brief discussion of the importance […]

Day 10: Treasure Troves

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Ahoy! Another day of research for BIOL 403 on coconut islands HIMB! Bay exploration for L.reevii distribution continued with the group performing analysis on fringing reef B3. The bottom became muddy after a short jaunt over the reef edge covered with the coral species Porites lobata and Montipora capitata. There was plenty of swimming as […]