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Day 9: It’s O’fish (Official)!

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Today was the day – the “real” deal! With preparations made, plans of action in place, and eager spirits, we set out to collect our first sets of official data. The Montipora crew ventured out to Reef 44 in Kane‘ohe Bay to begin data collection on the microclimates of the extremely rare coral, Montipora dilitata. […]

Day 8: Captain’s Log: A Day of Troubleshoot

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Aloha, Today started out slightly later than our urchin adventures yesterday. We loaded up our boats and gear and met at the Pauley classroom at 9am to discuss field solutions for some of the issues we ran into when testing out our research methods. We decided to make a shopping list to pick up a few extra things […]

Day 7: Urchaganza! (Urchin Extravaganza)

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Aloha Kakou! Today started off bright and early to deploy 1,500 urchins on the poster colony of Montipora dilatata on reef 44, to get rid the alien algae. Finding the poster colony was quite the adventure….it took awhile. Once found, we encircled the colony of M. dilitata and placed the urchins within 10 meters radius. […]

Day 6: a day of tests and turtles

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Upon crossing the channel from Moku o Lo’e to the pier, all 14 of us maximized the capacity of four sedans to make our way over the Ko’olaus to Ala Moana Yacht Club, once frequented by the global ambassador of surfing and Hawaiian royalty, Duke Kahanamoku, for a boating certification which permits us to operate […]

Day 5: All The Sights We See in BIO 403!

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Ahoy Mateys! Today we ventured over to Reef 43 which is known as the prettiest reef in Kaneohe Bay.  The reef did not disappoint. The corals were gorgeous and there was hardly any invasive algae smothering the corals. There was a higher diversity of fish compared to other reefs previously visited, and several large green […]

Day 4: Making Discoveries

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Dear readers, During the past two days, we’ve all gotten an up-close and personal look at the species of concern we’ll be studying (Montipora dilatata and Lingula reevii) during our stay here on Moku O Loe, also known as Coconut Island. The class has been split into four groups, with two groups totaling seven people […]

Day 3: All aboard!!!

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The day started off on a relatively good note—being in bed with some cool windward weather to greet us.  As 9:00 approached, we made our way to the classroom to continue training for our future month of research. After a bit of briefing, we made our way into the waters of “Goby Bay,” where we […]

Day 2: Moku O loe Move in Day

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This morning began with all 14 students loading boats with all of the belongings they would be needing for the next 4 weeks. After carting their gear over to the island, the students proceeded to move into there very nice lodging in the Lani Suites, which FYI are way nicer than the dorms we stayed […]

Day 1: The Beginning

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Aloha students! Welcome to the BIOL 403 2013 (YEAR 10) blog! My name is Keisha and I am the Teaching Assistant for this year’s Field Problems in Marine Biology field course. I am currently a Ph.D. student (Zoology) in the Coral Reef Ecology Lab (Point Lab) at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology under the […]