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Changing Climate Effects on Polar Bears

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Global warming, the changing of the Earth’s climate, is happening. This phenomena evidently brought about by anthropogenic activity will cause an average increase in global temperatures, rise in sea level, and the reduction of arctic ice cover, among other effects. As the Earth warms up, the habitable range of the polar bear, which is the […]

Small-scale Fisheries Increase Loggerhead and Green Turtles Death

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Throughout the eastern Mediterranean there are many different marine vertebrates that have populated the coastal waters two specific marine vertebrates are the loggerhead and green turtles. In the specific area of North Cyprus there is a conservational issue that is arising. This issue is the small-scale fishery that targets siganids with the use of trammel-net […]

the problems of overfishing…

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Bycatch and overfishing populations are global problems facing the world today. Having a very negative effect on the ocean as a whole, and the fight to stop these problems seems to fall onto the environment conscious person shoulder only. When it should be everyone’s problem. A good argument can be leveled against stopping these things […]