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Day 18: Tripneustes and Turtles

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Hey everyone! Today was a good day out here on Coconut Island. After having an extra hour in the morning to sleep, we got to go out with DAR (Department of Aquatic Resources) to put baby sea urchins (Tripneustes gratilla) out on the reefs to eat the invasive algae. These little guys eat through a […]

DAY 17: Say Yes to GIS

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Aloha! Today, we began our first ArcGIS labs with Dr. Lisa Wedding. ArcGIS is software that allows for data analysis and comparison from a spatial point of view. Today’s labs were designed to give us practice using the software and provide us with a base layer of knowledge to be applied to our own projects. […]

Day 16: Go Big or Drone Home?

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Aloha! Today marked the start of our fourth week of BIO 403 and the start of the GIS component of this class.  GIS stands for Geographic Information System.  It is a computerized data management system that captures, stores, analyzes, and displays the spatial information of a given area.  In the afternoon, we had a couple […]

Day 15: Marine Biology Oscars

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Today we had our annual Family and Friends BBQ at the HIMB Beach House, where the students prepared and hosted a feast for their guests. Dr. Ku’ulei Rodgers started the BBQ by highlighting what the students have experienced thus far in the course including field problems, coral spawning, learning and experiencing different field methods, a […]

Day 14: Few Lingula and lots of sand

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Today was the first day in a while that our research team went on the hunt for Lingula reevii. According to Ku’ulei, North and South Bay were both under brown water advisory, so we decided to go to Central Bay. There were three sites that were surveyed in central Kaneohe Bay. The first site that […]

Day 13: Death by Sting!!!!!

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Aloha Readers: Today was quite the adventure!!!! We started off talking about all the field problems we have encountered over the past 3 weeks. Some of these problems include equipment malfunctions, communication problems, and even bringing dead smelly animals onto the boats for pictures (that last one I am definitely guilty of). We got to […]

Day 12: Turbid, Tang-y, and traumatic

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Thankfully, the Brown Water Advisory was lifted in Kāne‘ohe Bay yesterday afternoon, so the twelve students of BIOL 403 woke up early to make sandwiches and prepare boats. Just to be safe, the scientists decided to stick to the northern half of the bay, exploring reefs 54, 47, and 46 for the Montipora and Spatial […]

Day 11: My Oh My, Lanikai!

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Aloha! After a night of karaoke, we woke up bright and early to board the boat to Lilipuna Pier – well not so bright because it was raining very hard outside. Despite the downpour that drenched us, we made it to Lanikai Beach Park to conduct comparative surveys. First, we did Montipora surveys in the […]

Day 10: A Change of Plans

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Due to heavy rains over the past few nights, a brown water alert was declared for the Kᾱne’ohe Bay area. Needless to say, we weren’t able to go into the water today as was previously planned. We started the day off with our scheduled lecture by Dr. Kaipo Perez, who helped get our morning […]

Day 9: A Montipora Birthday

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              The first stop was reef 46, where we made sure there wasn’t any M. dilatata on that reef so the Montipora group could see the differences between places with M. dilatata and those without. Next was off to reef 44 for taking the perimeter of the M. dilatata […]