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Day 24: Farewell to Coconut Isle

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Day 23: The Final Countdown

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Aloha! Today marked the final full day for BIOL 403 students on Coconut Island. Due to the oncoming hurricanes, final presentations will take place one day earlier than expected. This has left many students hustling to polish up their papers and prepare their presentations. The morning was dedicated to mopping floors, writing papers, and creating […]

Day 22: Brain Energy Expiring Rapidly

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Aloha!! After some late night kayaking (courtesy of our neighbor Wayne) the group woke up to what we thought was our last full day here on Coconut Island.         Upon arriving in the classroom, Ku’ulei told us the news that we would be leaving on Thursday instead of Wednesday. The extra day […]

Day 21: Monday Fun-Day

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Aloha! My name is Kai and I am a senior studying Marine Biology at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. I have had amazing adventures while staying on Moku O Lo’e studying the two Species of Concern (SOC): Montipora dilatata and Lingula Reevii. The summer is coming to an end and while we are still […]

Day 20: Bittersweet Endings

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Aloha! Today was a bittersweet day as it marked the last full field day for the BIOL 403 students. This field day was dedicated to the search for Lingula reevii in south Kaneohe Bay. The first stop of the day was revisiting fringing reef B2 and B3 (FRB2 and FRB3) where we dropped off sediment […]

Day 19: When I grow up…

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After waking up from a night full of nightmares about the Sharknado 2 movie they had watched the previous night, BIOL 403 students began their second day of GIS labs. Dr. Wedding started out the day with some of her Case Studies she was involved in using GIS. She gave examples of international and local […]