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Day 22: This is not the end!

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Hello everyone Rhianna here, It is the last day can you believe it. All groups are putting the finishing touches on their papers and busting out some fantastic presentations, can’t wait to watch them all. It is quite incredible how time flies by, yet I feel like introductions were ages ago. We all have made […]

Day 21: The Final Countdown

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Hey everybody!!! It’s Kalene from Gang Green on my last blog post. After all the great times yesterday, we spent today in study mode. With only a few days until our presentations, the dorms are quiet while revising their papers. Starbucks was brought and meetings were had to make sure the best papers are being […]

Day 20: The Finale!

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Hey all, this is Alina again! So…today was our last day of field work. sad day. But it was also a very eventful day. It all started with an early meeting (at least for me because I enjoy my sleep) with Dr. Wedding to discuss some final details for our data. Then we made our […]

Day 19: Eradicating the HOBO’s and such

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Hello all, this is Delaney. The story of today starts two days ago on Saturday afternoon… Every team was working so hard to finish their results section of our papers so that they could have a relaxing Saturday night. Everyone finished early in the evening… except for the Blue team. We had so much data […]

Day 18: SO MUCH DATA…and a mouse

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Hi friends its Candice here! Today consisted of a lot of data, hence the title. Too much stats, too little time. We got this though! I cannot believe that we are less than a week from our final day here at Moku o Lo’e. I don’t want to leave! It’s so beautiful everywhere you turn. […]

Day 17: Turtles, Trumpetfish and Tunicates Oh My

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Hi! It’s Jordyn back on the blog. Day 17 has come so quickly, and tomorrow marks our last full week of field days! Team Red Seas, that’s us , spent today at Reef 43, which is by far our favorite reef in the bay. One of the main reasons that it is our favorite is […]

Day 16: The Fun Continues

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Hello Everyone! This is Jessica from green team! Unfortunately this is my second and final post to the blog… But all 14 others of the Biology 403 class of 2017 have to have a turn too! Well today wasn’t too exciting of a day, it seems like everyone is kind of winding down with their […]

Day 15: Muus Balls & Muddy Waters

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Hey Everyone! It’s Kalene from the Green Team taking over the blog today. Today was a pretty crazy day for us today. After deploying muus balls (yes, that’s what they are called) to test water motion on reefs in the central part of the bay, we were hit by the craziest downpour. Sideways rain as […]

Day 14: Corals not the only thing bleachin!

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Hello family and friends! Yoko reportin¬†in! ¬†Today Team Red Seas ventured out to patch reef 4. The morning was beautiful with a lovely sun rise and clear skies around 6 AM but suddenly began to pour around 9 AM. All of us were prepared for some cold water and rough tides, yet luckily when we […]

Day 13: “Queen B can do whatever she wants.”

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  Hi Jessenia again! Today we revisited most of our reefs again, but this time we placed sediment traps at the center of our reefs (42, 34, 33, 26, and 14). We also worked alongside green team and placed four HOBOS along side with our sediment traps. We had a little difficulty with our first […]