Day 5: wireless, proposals, etc.

Today we got internet in the dorm rooms!  We loved that man until the coconut trimmers took our internet away.

But on a more educational note, we determined what each group is going to be researching for the next two weeks and writing their final papers on.  The three major topics are Montipora dilatata (Ceina, James, Keisha), Lingula reevii (Emily, Madison, Peter) and the spatial distribution of those organisms (Dan, Lauren, Mo).  We wrote proposals early this morning and we were lucky enough to discuss them over pb&j’s with Dr. Zac Forsman and Dr. Kim Peyton, two researchers who have previously given lectures to our class.  They gave us suggestions on how to improve our proposals and tips on how to get the most out of our research time in the field.

After lunch we were able to further improve our proposals and send them in for a final review.

As the night drags on we are all studying for our boating exam, which we have tomorrow morning.  With a small break of lasagna for dinner!

Wish us luck!  Dan and Peter will let ya know if we passed tomorrow night.

Em and Ceina

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