Day 6: Boating exam and island exploration

After a long nights sleep and some last minute studying, we were all ready to head to Waikiki yacht club to take the US coast guard boating exam. Luckily, both James and Madison were able to drive us back to town! Thanks! A very nice lady greeted us when arriving to the yacht club. And after a brief introduction we were asked to take the test.

Most of us did fine, however Dan only got 13% and failed…. haha just kidding. Everyone passed! We are now certified to drive small boats! After celebrating our victorious triumph, everybody took off their own way, successfully completing our first week on Coconut Island!

Daniel and Peter (who are writing right now) went back to the island (thanks Lisa for driving!) after the exam. Right after we got back, we heated up a pizza, ate it, jumped in the water and took a hike around the island. Here’s a slideshow of what we found:

It feels weird not having everyone around, but on the other hand that means less snoring at night and more food in the fridge ;)

See ya all on Monday!

Peter & Daniel

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2 Responses to “Day 6: Boating exam and island exploration”

  1. Christina Says:

    Man you guys are so great! Im super glad you all passed your exam, i knew you would ;) and you all do a great job documenting everything! i LOVE this slideshow!

  2. Gma Brennan Says:

    You are so lucky—what a beautiful island!

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