Day 6: a day of tests and turtles

Upon crossing the channel from Moku o Lo’e to the pier, all 14 of us maximized the capacity of four sedans to make our way over the Ko’olaus to Ala Moana Yacht Club, once frequented by the global ambassador of surfing and Hawaiian royalty, Duke Kahanamoku, for a boating certification which permits us to operate our vessel of choice throughout the waters of Hawai’i.


Sixty questions regaurding federal and local boating regulations later, anxiety turned to relief and the next stage of the journey ensued with freshly laminated permits in hand.  After everyone passed their boating exams with flying colors*, despite sleep deprivation, we headed out for a pleasure cruise with Captain Barry and Dr. Hunter on the Blue Lady. With boating regulations fresh in our minds, we made our way out to a spot named Dreamland. Troy was ordered *ahem* volunteered to attach the boat to an underwater mooring.


After careful boat maneuvering, we all grabbed our gear and swam out to the reef. There were numerous turtles, some of them taking advantage of hungry fish in order get a shell cleaning:


The reef was incredible, although some of the SCUBA divers were being far too touchy with the turtles for our liking. Some people even swam through a cave with a sunroof:


As we swam back to the boat, Captain Barry was throwing chips into the water to attract a school of black triggerfish. We all clambered back aboard, and sailed back into the Waikiki Yacht Club. There we parted ways, as some of us went to hang out with our sweeties, eat, or return to Moku o Lo’e. Tonight we are having movie night, and scrounging up whatever we can to have a makeshift dinner.


Ryan and Dan (MAN1)

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3 Responses to “Day 6: a day of tests and turtles”

  1. Keisha Says:

    Great job on getting your boating license!

  2. Joseph Menor Jr Says:

    Great job everyone!

  3. Dorothy Says:

    Awesome picture of the underwater boat mooring dive! Loved today’s blog “of tests and turtles” very catchy (no pun intended).

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