Day 9: It’s O’fish (Official)!

Today was the day – the “real” deal! With preparations made, plans of action in place, and eager spirits, we set out to collect our first sets of official data.

The Montipora crew ventured out to Reef 44 in Kane‘ohe Bay to begin data collection on the microclimates of the extremely rare coral, Montipora dilitata.

© Kaela Stender

The data collection today went a lot more smoothly than yesterday, after ironing out all the kinks we encountered. At our target colonies, we did a full field day filled with plaster balls, sediment traps, depth measurements, and water sample collection.

Nikki taking water samples
© Kaela Stender

Pic 3
Liz pushing a float full of data collection supplies
© Kelsey Dockter

We did hit a few minor road bumps out in the field, but with some quick thinking and creative improvisation, the problems were easily and quickly resolved! At the end of the day, the data we sought out to collect was obtained. Success!

            On the other side of the bay, the Lingula group embarked on a day full of transects, quadrats, and sediment samples. On Reef J, near the Lilipuna pier, each Lingula group searched along three 25 meter transects and five 1m^2 quadrats for the evasive brachiopod, Lingula reevii.


Hand holding transect, stakes, and flag

Holding clipboard

Despite an unsuccessful day in terms of L. reevii counts, we stumbled upon many interesting creatures in the confines of this 1 meter deep fringing reef. We saw a handful of ringed sap-sucking sea slugs and a lone pufferfish hiding amongst the algal mats.

Holding sea slug :)

After completing our surveying methods with little trouble, we ventured out in Kane’ohe Bay to check out a few potential surveying sites. On our way, we ran into the ruins commonly known as “Sunken City.” This site was formerly a hotel construction area that sank years ago and now is home to a variety of coral species, fish, and many other sea creatures.

Feather duster worm

At the end of the day, we were cold, salty and exhausted, yet felt very accomplished! Consider it a job well done!

For dinner, we had delicious coconut curry.
El fin.


Nikki                                &                            Jesse

Never before seen pictures…

P1020188 P1020189 P1020195 P1020200 P1020205 P1020223 P1020226 P1020230 P1020232P1020216 P1020233

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  1. Dorothy Nesbit aka mom Says:

    Great job today! Loved the title of today’s entry. Was that Kate holding the slug? Great photos. Can’t wait for the next installment!

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