Day 13: ArcGIS on a Rainy Day

This morning we all woke up around 8 am and were relieved to have had the luxury of an extra 30 minutes or so of sleep.  Shortly after I sat up in bed and rubbed my tired eyes I heard a bunch of gasps.  In my partially conscious state I immediately was confused but soon came to and realized all my roommates were looking out of our Lanai Suite window.  When I finally got the urge and energy to get out of bed I saw what everyone was so flabbergasted by; the tide in Goby Bay ridiculously low!  It was also apparent that it had been raining throughout the night and would most definitely return within an hour.  Luckily for us and our bellies (no belly crawling…yay!), there were no bay surveys planned for the day.  Instead we were fortunate enough to have Dr. Lisa Wedding who came to teach us about the implications and uses of GIS (geographic information system) in Marine Biology.

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As you can see from this first picture we had a very extensive day of GIS ahead of us.  We came in at 9 am, and weren’t supposed to leave until 6 pm.  However, the constant rains outside made the lengthy day in doors seem cozy and right.  Plus, most of us were definitely glad to have a break from the heat of the sun.

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            After some introductory lectures to GIS, Dr. Wedding talked about actual case studies, some of which were conducted by her.  She also stressed the importance of using GIS in our own research, both now in Biology 403 and in our future careers.  Then she let us dive head on into the mapping system!  Our first task was to download the software which took a couple hours for everyone to get on board.  We installed the program on both the provided school computers and our personnel PC laptops (if any).

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