Day 14: Here there be marine biologists

It was another sunrise and another day here, on Gilligan’s Island.  It seemed like we all had had a good night’s sleep because, as usual, at around 7:30 or so, all the “zombies” started coming out of their rooms.  Their familiar cry of “Cooofffeee…” always heralded a bright, new day.

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Photo credit: Aly Tanaka

After a brief meeting in the classroom, we found out that today’s plan had been changed to take into account the tides for this particular day.  Because the peak of the low tide this morning was around 8:00, we stayed in the classroom until 10:20 or so to allow the tide to rise so we wouldn’t be “belly-crawling” across the reef while we were doing our surveys.  We ended up working on our ArcGIS projects that we had started the previous day and, with the help of Dr. Wedding, were able to solve the problems that we hadn’t been able to finish.

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Photo credit: Aly Tanaka

Promptly, at 10:30, we headed out into the bay for another great day of surveying and data gathering.  This was our first day on Dr. Hunter’s boat and we were lucky enough to have Nikki volunteer to drive us all the way to our research site for the day.  Today, the lucky site that we went to was Reef 47.   As we ran about doing our usual assigned duties, we still took the time every now and again to look around and enjoy the scenery that surrounded us.

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Photo credit: Tiffany-Nicole Gutlay

After taking our samples, we headed back to port and to the rest of our merry crew that had been “shipwrecked” on the island for an hour or so ahead of us.  After cleaning off all of the gear and taking a quick rinse in the shower, we headed up to the classroom for more ArcGIS “fun.”  Thankfully, this lab was a lot easier than the previous day.  I believe that it was probably because of Dr. Wedding as well as starting to become more comfortable with the program itself.

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Photo credit: Tiffany-Nicole Gutlay

Finishing off the lab MUCH earlier than the previous day, the crew settled out to their various projects.  One of us wrote a blog for the day while the others were either cooking, writing journals, or preparing their projects for the next day.  Dinner tonight was especially fancy with Kate and Jesse’s rendition of chicken pot pie which was received with high praise.  As per usual, the military planes flew overhead at 10:30 at night and the crew threw their various curses and insults at them for doing drills so late at night.  Talk began to subside as the night came to its apex.  The crew ended the day much as they had begun this morning; with zombie-like shuffles to their usual berths for the night.  As the stars wheeled above our heads at night and visions of corals danced through our brains, we all fell asleep on this warm summer night.

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Photo credit: Aly Tanaka

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One Response to “Day 14: Here there be marine biologists”

  1. Dorothy Nesbit Says:

    Dear marine biologists. Very impressive set of skills you are mastering–navigating withGPS, learning to drive a boat and getting licensed, ARCgiss, and not the least of which is. Cooking for your crews. Keep up the good work.

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