Day 15: Reef Crawls and a SHARK!

With the super low tides this morning, we had another short GIS lab. Our task was to create a map of He’eia Fishpond with satellite images to compare with our own images we will take on Sunday during our aerial imaging lab (how cool is that?)! Aside from some computer troubles, the maps came out beautifully!

After a short boat ride to Fringing Reef J, Team Lingula set out for some more Lingula counting. We were met with the difficult task of first getting past the reef to reach our sandy patches… easier said than done. On the bright side, the shallow water made for some good pictures.


Photo1 Photo21
[Low tide is not the greatest for Lingula spotting]


Photo credit: Jesse

Meanwhile on Reef 44, the Montipora group saw some interesting critters including yellow spotted sea cucumbers, sea turtles and even a juvenile black tip reef shark (sorry no pictures!) while collecting their data. They also found some of the urchins we had deployed. Boy, have they grown!


Team Captain Ryan cheers on from the sidelines, Photo credit: Liz]


[Photo credit: Liz]

Back on land, we continued our GIS labs followed by an interesting talk about the status of Caribbean coral reefs from Mary Donovan. We learned that there is still hope for the declining reefs and herbivores are important!

For dinner we had Chicken Pasta Alfredo made by Aly and Ryan with garlic spinach, garlic bread and a juicy watermelon for dessert. Yum!


[Photo credit: Aly]


[Mystery goo on my bootie, Photo credit: Aly]



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