Day 16: Positive Vibes

Today started with our usual logistics meeting. We did a quick ArcGIS lab in the morning and then all groups set out to collect data… at low tide!

Reef 47: Photo credit: Nikki Gutlay

The Lingula crew set out for Pyramid Reef so that can do their Lingula counts. They also measured water depth, temperature and sediment depth. Sediment samples were collected and performed a plankton tow. After collection data, they headed to Sunkey City where they spotted cool marine organisms such as squid, a huge manta shrimp and a seahorse! Oh my!

The Montipora crew set out to collect their last set of data from Reef 47.

We measured water depth, pH and salinity, and surveyed the composition of the area of around our marked colonies. We also collected our sediment traps and plaster balls.

2 3
Nikki retrieving plaster balls, sediment traps, and water samples: Photo credit: Troy Maeda/Kaela Stender
Tiara measuring pH: Photo credit: Nikki Gutlay                  Liz and Ryan: Photo credit: Kelsey Dockter

Photo credit: Keisha Bahr

Photo credit: Keisha Bahr

While we were out there, we came across some interesting creatures.

6 7
Spotfin scorpionfish: Photo credit: Nikki Gutlay           Baby squid: Photo credit: Nikki Gutlay

Stripebelly puffer: Photo credit: Kaela Stender

After our field surveys, we headed to He`eia Pier to gas up the marine biology boat. Dr. Hunter treated us to ice cake!


Later, we met back in the Pauley classroom to play with our data in the ArcGIS program for a bit before the speaker arrived. Kosta Stamoulis came to give an awesome presentation on MPAs and controlling of alien species.

Photo credit: Nikki Gutlay

Dinner was delicious! We had lentil soup, courtesy of Mike (MAN2)! What an awesome day of positive vibes!

Over & Out.





Pictures of mantas from earlier this week in the Bay.

mantas 1 mantas 2
Photo credit: Mark Royer (Holland Shark Lab)




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