Day 20: the beginning of the end?!

Hello again faithful readers,

As we begin our last week here on Coconut Island, it’s truly beginning to set in just how little time is left (and how much needs to happen in that short amount of time). With Tropical Storm Flossie on the horizon, the morning began a bit incomprehensibly as we all struggled to figure out what exactly the plan was today. I think we may not know what to do with ourselves if we’re not going out on boats every day.

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However, it turns out that a few of us did have to go on boats today. Troy and Ryan went out briefly with Dr. Hunter to collect some of the M. dilatata allotted to us in our collection permit, while Kate, Jesse, Aly, and Ky made a mad dash to collect the Lingula group’s HOBO loggers before they were lost to Davie Jones’ locker!

Those of us who stayed behind focused on wrapping up our data and writing our results section. Kelsey, Liz and I also went down to the beach house to put away any items that were in danger of flying away in the wind.

Storm waves cresting on the horizon.

Everyone was back to the island by 1:00, and the afternoon was devoted to lunch, results, and preparing for the storm. At five, we all got together with Dr. Wedding to have dinner in the beach house. During this time, we found out that Flossie had been downgraded to a Tropical Depression. Afterwards, a lot of the food and all of the water we could fit was stockpiled in our rooms and the windows were shut tight to batten down the hatches.

Letting off some steam at dinner.

We all convened to our separate groups back in the rooms to finish up our results and ride out the storm. As I write to you now, it’s 10:20 at night, almost an hour and a half after Flossie’s expected time of arrival, and we’ve heard not a peep. Maybe she’s just fashionably late. After all, with a name like Flossie, you’ve got to keep people on their toes somehow.

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Even after Flossie, we’ll be stuck in a storm. Papers, data, and countless information will be swirling around our heads for the remainder of this week, as discussion sections, final papers and even final presentations happen in the next four days. All too soon it will be time to pack up and leave our beloved rock of an island.

Wish us luck!

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