Day 21:Tropical storm Flossie let down

Last night was spent busily writing the results sections for our final reports, and anxiously awaiting the arrival of the tropical storm “Flossie”. As it turns out, the storm was downgraded to a tropical depression, and was more than a little bit of a let down for those of us who enjoy the wilder weather; it was for the best though because we are all doing well and looking forward to finishing our projects this week from the comfort of the classroom
This morning we woke up eagerly anticipating what the plan would be for the day. We ended up meeting in the classroom at10:00 am for some quick announcements about assignments, and to continue work on our reports whether it be revisions, PowerPoint presentations, or starting our discussion sections. Admittedly the classroom is not as exciting as being out on the boats every day, so the lunch break at 1:00 pm was welcomed by all. At 2:00 pm we reconvened in the classroom to continue our work and we all plan to stay until 5:00 pm. From that point on people will likely meander back to the rooms or elsewhere on HIMB to stretch our legs or take a break from analyzing data until dinner and more computer work tonight.
Since there wasn’t anything terribly exciting happening other than desk work, here are some photos from more of our Bay Survey/Exploration days to entertain you.
Thanks for checking in!
Kate Nesbit
IMG_0646 IMG_2979 IMG_3244 IMG_3274 IMG_3366 IMG_3385 IMG_3491
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One Response to “Day 21:Tropical storm Flossie let down”

  1. Dorothy Nesbit Says:

    Kate–great photos! I especially like the sea horse! Bet it takes a pretty small saddle to ride that pony:) lol

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