Day 22: The final countdown

Although Flossie never properly hit us, we all woke up this morning thinking she had come back with a vengeance. We had to time our journey to the classroom in between rain showers. Luckily we didn’t get too soaked!

After the great news which lifted many spirits it was back to the computers and writing our discussions and conclusions. The four groups have now combined into two teams of seven, with the Lingula reevii team and the Montipora dilatata team to compile our final papers for NOAA.

DSCF0164 (1) DSCF0165 (1)

It was a long morning and we are all beginning to slowly lose our minds not being out on the water.


…Luckily we found a way to keep ourselves entertained!

At 12pm we took a quick break and went next door to listen to the presentation ‘Who’s your Daddy?’ by Glenn Almany. The presentation looked into new insights into larval dispersal and population connectivity in coral reef fishes, to see if marine protected areas enhance fisheries. The presentation was interesting, especially learning about how he works in community outreach to improve fisheries.

DSCF0166 (1)

At 1pm we piled back into the classroom to finish our discussions to send to Dr Wedding and Dr Hunter (The tang and coffee helped us a lot!). By 4pm we were all finished or close to finished and some of the girls decided to head to the beach to chill out in the water.


After an hour of fun splashing about in the ocean we headed back.


Time for dinner (Thanks Tiara) and a film!


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