Day 23: This is the end

Hello Readers!

Tomorrow marks our big day! Final papers are due and presentations will be delivered.  Each of the four groups has truly worked so hard this past month for this occasion, and many of us are still putting the final touches on our papers that will soon be published by NOAA – which is kind of a big deal.

We were lucky enough to start the day at 10:00AM, when we sleepily entered the classroom, ready to write our final papers.  The Montipora group had already combined the survey and spatial papers together, so they just worked on polishing up the rough edges.  The Lingula team, on the other hand, began their collaboration this morning, so there was still a lot of work to be done.  At around 12:30 pm, Keisha and Lauren came to the classroom to view and critique our group presentations.  Although all the groups weren’t quite ready to present yet, it sounds like we all did an excellent job and just need a little more practicing tonight.  I’m nervous to present tomorrow, but I’m also excited to see the product of all my peers’ hard work.

While dinner was being prepared, Taylor and I attempted to make brownies without eggs! We didn’t have any of the normal egg substitutes (i.e. apples sauce, bananas, corn starch), so we just added extra olive oil.  The batter began to boil in the oven, and though the final product looked a little strange, it tasted just like brownie brittle and was a big hit.  Dan tried to help us by collecting little chicken eggs, but they were no good (we found out the hard way). Don’t worry though, no chickens or people were harmed during the baking or ingestion of the brownies.


Dinner tonight was prepared by Dr. Wedding (Lisa)!! It was a very special treat for all of us.  She prepared a vegetarian fiesta of enchiladas, Mexican rice, and black beans.  The enchiladas were a little spicy for me, but we all enjoyed the delicious food and good vibes.  Although tomorrow is an exciting and happy day, it will also be a sad one.  I, for one, am not looking forward to saying good-bye to all the new friends I’ve made.  Granted, we’ll all see each other again soon, it’s still tough.


Here is a group picture of the BIOL 403 class of year 2013 with the T.A.’s Keisha and Lauren, and our GIS instructor Dr. Lisa Wedding J


Now it’s time to get my part of the presentation down perfectly.




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One Response to “Day 23: This is the end”

  1. Dorothy Nesbit Says:

    Great job all. It has been delightful to follow your blog. I’ve chuckled, I’ve gasped with fear(over the shark siting) and I’ve laughed out loud at some of your picadillos. You are a great team and I’m sure will be great marine scientists. The oceans are in good hands with you.

    Loved the recipe for pineapple salsa but I will likely skip the eggless brownies.

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