the problems of overfishing…

Bycatch and overfishing populations are global problems facing the world today. Having a very negative effect on the ocean as a whole, and the fight to stop these problems seems to fall onto the environment conscious person shoulder only. When it should be everyone’s problem. A good argument can be leveled against stopping these things without even taking into account the environmental cost and benefit that come from stopping it. The biggest one is cost efficiency.

In any for-profit business, commercial or anything else, the first thing that needs to be accomplished is the business needs to make a profit. For the fishing industry that means catching enough fish to cover all expenses and make some sort of a profit. So when a fishery becomes overfished would it not male more sense to stop or slow down fishing there to make sure you would not work yourself out of a job. Over fishing is quite literally bad for business.

Next bycatch negative effect is that it wastes time, energy, and resources all of which could be used for better things. When bycatch happens the work has to either; a, remove the bycatch from the equipment possible destroying it, wasting all of the above, or b, discard the equipment and lose resources. So it makes the most business sense to make equipment that minimizes the most amount of by catch, that way they could maximize profitability.

So in conclusion poor fishing methods lead to a lot of lost effort and the possibility of the losing a field of work for no good reason.

-by Jacob Golding


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