Day 8: Serious Surveying

After a busy day of trial runs yesterday, we set out for round two of surveying the reefs. Around 10AM, we boarded the boats and set out for Pyramid Reef. After a quick dip, we headed to Reef 44 (where the dinosaur lives) to check our Montipora dilatata survey spots. We made a few adjustments to our methods, set out some sediment traps, flow plaster balls, and hurried to the boat. Most of us were in fear of another hammer head shark encounter (like yesterday). Our next stop was Reef 54. We have heard some sharky stories about the north of Kaneohe Bay. As we approached, James told us about shark sightings around Chinaman’s Hat. In fear for our lives, we all dashed to the reef (don’t worry, none of us saw sharks). We headed for our second colony of the day, when Ceina felt a sting on her leg; it was a Man o’ War. She was a trooper, and we pressed on to our colony. A significant difference in the morphology of M. dilatata was seen at Reef 54. Check it out below.

Once we were finished with M. dilatata measurements, we header to the sandbar for lunch. After a cold spagetti lunch (provided by Madi), we dove into the water to search for our favorite inarticulated brachiopod, Lingula reevii. We placed sediment traps and flow plaster balls at each lingula site. We felt lucky that we were able to spot nine total. Hopefully, by the end of this class, we will be spotting lingula like Anuschka, Chris, and Christina. We left the beautiful waters at the sand bar, and revisited Pyramid Reef. After an exhausting day, we flopped into the boats and headed back to Coconut Island.

The highlight of the day was Cosco run. We finally have some food! YAY!

That’s all for today! We will inform you of tomorrow’s adventures! :)


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2 Responses to “Day 8: Serious Surveying”

  1. Tratra Says:

    Emmmmm!…sounds like you and your class are learning a lot at a lot of places we go usually a tad bit “in our cups”…haha…well, miss you and this week needs to hurry up cuz Jeffery has come out to hang out/stare at me for the past two days and you need to be here to make him go away!…i tried, i failed…twice…text me when you get this :)
    <3 Em's Bestfriend/Roomie
    p.s. Jags misses you too :P

  2. mindy meininger (keisha's mom) Says:

    I can see you are eating well! Good job on footage! Love u and keep up the good work!:)

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