Day 11: My Oh My, Lanikai!

Aloha! After a night of karaoke, we woke up bright and early to board the boat to Lilipuna Pier – well not so bright because it was raining very hard outside. Despite the downpour that drenched us, we made it to Lanikai Beach Park to conduct comparative surveys. First, we did Montipora surveys in the surge-tastic water. Then we looked for Lingula but all we found were coolio sea turtles. Bummer, am I right? And, the water turned out to have man-o-wars floating around. Yikes! 1 The work was hard but we were able to complete our tasks in the morning. By the time that was done, the weather had turned very pleasant. We decided to hang out at the beach and have some fun in the sun! Ryan was mer-made into a mermaid, there were playful wrestling, and a successful human pyramid. Good stuff! 3 2                             It turned out to be a fun day outside, but let’s not forget that Sarah was hard at work on the Lingula molecular data. Today, she ran our own Humphrey’s amplified DNA through a gel – and the results came out great! Take a look… 4Back at Lanikai, we were packing up and ready to head back. However, Ku’ulei capped off an awesome day at the beach by treating us to Island Snow cones – the best way to end a long day in the hot sun! 6                 Not every field day can be like this one, so I think we all appreciated this change of pace. Most importantly, we had fun and stayed perfectly safe. Adios, Chris (Hi mama)

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2 Responses to “Day 11: My Oh My, Lanikai!”

  1. Keisha Says:

    Fun day in the sun! Great job on the blog!

  2. Ku'ulei Says:

    Awesome blog for an awesome day!

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