DAY 17: Say Yes to GIS


Today, we began our first ArcGIS labs with Dr. Lisa Wedding. ArcGIS is software that allows for data analysis and comparison from a spatial point of view. Today’s labs were designed to give us practice using the software and provide us with a base layer of knowledge to be applied to our own projects.

The first lab of the day taught us basic skills such as how to convert files, format basemaps, and create metadata. The final product produced from this lab portrayed Territorial User Rights Fisheries (TURF) located in Chile using the ocean as a basemap.










The second lab of the day got even more interesting as we learned how to create a map depicting bottlenose dolphin distribution in the North Sea. In order to do this we learned how to create XY data and format shapefiles which produced a handy map which even shows depth contour lines! We also learned how to add in important features such as longitude, latitude, compass roses, scale bars, and legends.










The third lab of the day was the most challenging as we practiced working with attribute data tables. From this, we learned how to edit data based on specific factors such as limiting the number of incidences of piracy to specifically those against Indonesia within 100 kilometers of a port. We also learned how to add, edit, and tailor data to a specific question. This lab took the longest but we learned several helpful tips which will help us with future research.








We ended the day by working in our groups to prepare our own data to be entered into ArcGIS. We are looking forward to completing this work on Thursday and creating our maps for our final projects!

Special thanks to Dr. Wedding and Lauren for all of their patience with us today!


Zebra Megan



Thanks for the extra help today! -Keisha

Thanks for the extra help today ! -Keisha

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  1. Ku'ulei Says:

    Yes! You make GIS sound like fun.

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