Day 21: Monday Fun-Day


My name is Kai and I am a senior studying Marine Biology at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. I have had amazing adventures while staying on Moku O Lo’e studying the two Species of Concern (SOC): Montipora dilatata and Lingula Reevii. The summer is coming to an end and while we are still enjoying our time, it is now time to crunch the numbers and produce a report on all the data that was collected.

1In our morning meeting held by Dr. Rodgers, there were some announcements. The first was that Hurricane Iselle was to hit O’ahu on Thursday this week, followed by Hurricane Julio, and then a tropical storm shortly after. Once again, we had to change our schedules as we will have to leave the island on Wednesday night because after all, this class is Field Problems in Marine Biology.

Today, the Lingula and Spatial groups ventured to Central and Southern Kaneohe Bay for the last field day of this class. They collected HOBO temperature loggers from reefs FRB2, FRB3, Lilipuna Pier, and Goby Bay. When they arrived back on the island they finished sieving their sediment samples. Next they calibrated the HOBO loggers using 0° C ice water and 36 ° C hot water before extracting the data. 2

Montipora stayed behind to work on their results. Sarah strenuously worked her little heart out in the lab working under a time crunch to finish the enzymatic clean-up and a phylogenetic tree of Lingula reevii.










After a lunch filled with the game of LIFE, everyone returned to their laptops to finish the results and GIS mapping for final reports. Exhausted and hungry after a long day of statistics and GIS, we dug into Erin and Sarah’s delicious spaghetti!

At the end we all look back on our experiences and although we will miss our journey dearly, all are excited to return to the Island of O’ahu for another great semester at UH Manoa.




P.S. Check out this super duper coolarooni video!


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2 Responses to “Day 21: Monday Fun-Day”

  1. Keisha Says:

    Awesome video and cool blog! Thanks for sharing what you liked about this class!!

  2. Cheri Says:

    Great video! I want to thank all of the students for sharing their experiences in their blogs. It was fun to follow along with each days adventures and I learned a lot. Mahalo! Good luck to all of you.

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