Day 22: Brain Energy Expiring Rapidly


1After some late night kayaking (courtesy of our neighbor Wayne) the group woke up to what we thought was our last full day here on Coconut Island.






Upon arriving in the classroom, Ku’ulei told us the news that we would be leaving on Thursday instead of Wednesday. The extra day to work on our final papers and presentations is much appreciated! Also, we won’t have to make our way back to UH campus on Friday in the midst of a hurricane to complete our presentations.






For the rest of the morning, all three groups got busy finishing up results and chugging away at the discussion section of our papers. Dr. Wedding joined us to answer any last minute GIS questions and help us perfect our gorgeous maps.









Before breaking for lunch, we rounded up all the TA’s, instructors and students for a great group picture. Teamwork shaka!!














After digging out our favorite leftovers from the fridge and grabbing some coffee, we made our way back to the classroom for another few hours of hard work on our final reports. As the groups started finishing up their papers, we shifted our attention to creating PowerPoints to present on Thursday so we can share the hard work we completed during the past 5 weeks.

As our time here on the island comes to an end, the group is getting a little sad to leave our new friends and fun field days, but also excited for a change of pace from the lovely Coconut Island.


The next few days are looking pretty busy with final papers, practicing presentations, packing, cleaning up our dorm, and then heading off island in time to stock up on hurricane supplies before Iselle and Julio arrive.  Tune in tomorrow to see what happens on our last full day on the island!





Some of us losing brain power a little faster than others...

Some of us losing brain power a little faster than others…

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