Boat Driving Day

This is Kate Cockerille and Sam Donohoo, reporting live from the kitchen/living room. We are currently sitting all alone, as everybody was eager to get off the island to enjoy some free time before our imminent return Sunday night.

We started off our Saturday morning in style with 2 pots of strong coffee, coffee cake made with blueberries, and scrambled eggs. A huge thanks to Sarah and Andrew for making such a great breakfast!!

Breakfast time!

Breakfast time!

Scrambled eggs and ....

Scrambled eggs and ….


Early morning card games

Early morning card games


Following breakfast we headed to the classroom to finalize our research topics. This summer session we are exploring coral calving, a loosely defined process in which large chunks of coral become too heavy and break away from the main reef. Today each of our three class groups chose a different question within the topic of coral calving. Our goal is to combine our group research into one in depth paper, which may become the basis for future research.

Group discussion.

Group discussion.

After our class discussion, we took turns as groups to learn about how to correctly operate and drive a skiff boat. Mr. Fred Farrell was kind enough to teach each student the proper techniques of operating a small boat including driving, reversing, and docking. Windy weather conditions tested each student’s ability to not panic and calmly practice doughnuts [LOL] just the coast of Coconut Island.

Out for a boat ride!


Coconut Island.


A huge thank you to Fred Farrell for taking time out of his day to teach us proper boating practices. You da bomb Fred!


Excellent teaching, Fred!

Also another huge thank you to our awesome Teaching Assistants Tara and Becca for making the dangerous trek to Costco to get us more food for the upcoming week of intense field work.

Have an awesome lay day tomorrow and stay tuned for Monday’s update on coral spawning.

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