Keep Friends Close, Anemones Closer


Yes, I do realize that this joke is not strictly coral reef-related, nor does it really have any relevance to our experiences here on Coconut Island thus far, as we all seem to work together and play together fairly well, but it is hilarious nonetheless. I am also pretty sure we would all agree that today ranked rather high both in terms of work done and in terms of caffeine consumed.

Group one- consisting of Cindy, Justin, Sarah and Anita- had to walk from Gobe Bay to the Northeast corner of Coconut Island, and then from Point Lab to the South West Corner of Coconut Island-toting their bob and sediment traps to each point. The island is rather small, and the journey around the island involved traipsing through bushes. Justin described the experience as “different than the previous days because it was more walking than swimming, but fun.” They also began drying and processing their sediment samples.

Anita crushing sediment samples.

Anita crushing sediment samples.

The second group- consisting of Paige, Marissa, Andrew and Ashley- went to reefs 42, 28, 31, 32, 20, 2 and 1 all around Kane’ohe Bay to collect and replace the clod cards that they are using to measure wave action. They spent nearly 5 hours in the field today live boating and diving around each reef. Holy wow!

Finally, the group calling themselves Fred and the Bikini Babes- including Nicole, Kelsey, Sam, Jess and Kate- swam the perimeter of reefs number 20 and 2 in the South of the bay and marked the GPS points of each calf around the reefs. We then meandered over to reef 1 and located the sediment traps set by Group 1 earlier in the day, and marked the GPS locations of the calves 50 meters on either side of the sediment traps.

After such a productive day, we all returned to the house feeling satisfied but exhausted. TGFC. (Thank God For Coffee). And warm showers. But mostly coffee.

The day came to a close with ArcGIS practice, which was indisputably, horribly complicated. Only Sam seems to enjoy it. And although we can all see its merit and understand how beneficial it will be to understand this software, learning it is tedious and requires even greater copious amounts of caffeine.

As the night draws to a close we are all sitting around working on our various projects and enjoying the wonderfully full bellies provided us by Jess’ chicken Alfredo pasta (with broccoli for the veggie lovers).

Dinner, happiness and joy!

Dinner, happiness and joy!

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