Day 6: Reef Recovery

Damage done by the boat scrape

Damage done by the boat scrape

Healthy Reef

Healthy Reef

Hi, It’s Jazmin! I’m back.
Over the past couple of days, we have been doing extensive reef exploration around Kaneohe Bay. So far we have seen the health of individual reefs, the community that surrounds them and not to mention many turtles, reef fish and an octopus.
Today we gathered our observations to form hypotheses for our final projects. Each group is working to answer a different question but what is interesting is that somehow they mesh together to tell a full story. We also heard from Dr. Hunter about an amazing side project we are going to be a part of. On Monday there was a boat stranded on top of a reef during a low tide and the result was significant damage to a portion of the reef. We will get the opportunity to work with state officials to asses the extent of the damage as well as help with the recovery efforts. Some of the recovery includes cementing corals heads back on the reef with plaster in hopes that some of the coral will regenerate.

Aloha, its Karissa!

As we come to the end of our first week here on Moku o Loʻe, we all have become familiar with each other and this beautiful island. Today was exciting for us because we had the chance to propose ideas that will guide us through our research for the next three weeks! Most of us will be focusing on environmental stressors that affect the overall health of the coral reefs. Team yellow is interested in how the urbanization and runoff near Kaneohe Bay impacts the percent cover of algae and coral. Tomorrow is our day off, where we will be having a movie night to watch the documentary, Chasing Coral. These next few weeks will be full of excitement and lots of work! Good thing we have nice views!IMG_0227

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