Day 7: Field Problems

Struggling to swim!Hi its Jessenia!

Today was everyones first day of field research, we started off the day with a morning meeting in the classroom. We all discussed how each team was going to set up their projects and how they were going to collect their data. My team concluded that our research is going to focus on the runoff of fresh water affecting the health of coral reefs. Today we went to reef 33 and counted the percent cover of algae and coral reefs along with collecting salinity samples at three different transect lines. We started off to a rocky start since the tide was very low in the morning the reef was very shallow, our belly’s were basically right on top of the reef! And it was hard to move around with the current thrashing us around as well. We started off slow with the first transect, but we started to get the hang of it and moved faster with the second and third transect. ¬†From our observations there was quite a bit of dead coral in the center of the reef with a high abundance of algae which most likely is affected by the fresh water from the streams. ¬†Overall it was a good first field day and I am excited for more to come!


Ahoy, it’s Delaney now,

I am from the Blue team in addition to Haley, Rhianna and Candice. While the other three ladies went into the field to collect data for our research question, I started some in depth research of herbivory in Kane’ohe Bay and I also drafted our project proposal. Our research question involves researching whether or not fish and sea urchins herbivory on algae affects general coral health. Haley, Rhianna and Candice found it hard to get on top of the patch reefs to collect data because the tides we’ve so low! But, it was a beautiful and warm snorkel.

For dinner Alina, Sierra and Jazmin cooked up delicious chicken, vegetarian and vegan enchiladas. Everyone had full bellies after the meal.

Today was the first day of intense work and we are ready for what the rest of the week has to offer!

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