Day 8: Scar wounds

Hello everyone, Chiyoko here!

Hope all is well at home. I am in a team with Miranda and Jordyn and lately, we’ve been calling ourselves the red seas. Our team is the only 3 man team and today our group was a little shorter as Jordyn got bit by a centipede (oh no!). Yesterday, I crashed into coral and scraped my leg up, so between the three of us, 2/3 were injured. Ironically, Team Red Seas is also studying red crustose coralline algae! In the field, Miranda and I were working as a 2 man group-which was a little difficult-however, we decided we wanted Jordyn to rest. Team work makes the dream work though! Miranda and I made do with what we had and tried out best.


Red Seas team photo out in the field! ( Jordyn-left, Miranda-Middle, Chiyoko-Right).

Red Seas team photo out in the field! ( Jordyn-left, Miranda-Middle, Chiyoko-Right)




Hey everyone! Alina here, I am on the green team (the best team) with Jazmin, Kalene and Jessica. Today was day 8 of Biology 403. Today was actually really exciting because we got to work with DLNR and NOAA to try to repair the scar from the sailboat that crashed on reef 43 in Kane’ohe Bay. Although we had a little trouble trying to find it, once we found it we were able to measure how big it was and clean up some of the broken pieces so that they don’t ruin anymore of the reef. It was awesome and satisfying to be able to do something hands on that is going to help the reef recover. There was also an area of the reef that 5 or more turtles were all hanging out together right in front of me. It was so cool! However, it was sad to see how much coral had be destroyed. And this is why we are all here, because we want to help the oceans! Overall, having a great time here on coconut island, and learning so much! :)

DSCF0365 DSCF0344 DSCF0356

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One Response to “Day 8: Scar wounds”

  1. Donna Onouye Says:

    Aloha Taylor “Chiyoko”, the Red Seas Team and all the other Teams! Glad to hear and see everyone is so enthusiastic about Bio 403. What an awesome experience for all. I am truly enjoying the blogs and I look forward to reading them daily. Please keep them coming. And the beautiful photos too!

    Go Red Seas Team! Study hard, work hard, play hard! Enjoy your stay on Coco Island.

    Taylor Dad said keep the pics coming.

    Love Mom

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