Day 10: Only Tide Will Tell

Hey everyone! Its Karissa.

Jessenia, Sierra, Alex and Karissa after our lecture from Chris Jury on climate change and corals.

Jessenia, Sierra, Alex and Karissa after our lecture from Chris Jury on climate change and corals.

Today Team Yellow (Sierra, Jessenia, Alex and myself) went out to reefs 34 and 26 to do more data collection on the number of coral and algae covering the reefs. So far everything has been going well with a few minor bumps here and there. We are all working toward our final project, having our introductions due tomorrow morning. The rest of the week each team will be working on collecting as much data as they can in order to have a successful final paper!


Hi All! This is Jessica and it is my first time on the blog!

I am from the Green Team (Alina, Jazmin, Kalene and I) and today we went to reef 12. We also tried to get onto reefs 24 and 25 but the tide was too low for us to get on the reefs without harming the coral. Although we did squeeze ourselves onto reef 24 and found a cute seahorse! It was so exciting to find this little guy!DSCF0396

Once we figured out going to reefs 24 and 25 was a bust it was only about 2pm so we decided to make a pit stop at the sand bar. Jazmin was very happy to be going to the sand bar for the first time! She was very interested in the seagrass. Other than that, nothing else too crazy happened out on the water but it was our awesome boat driverʻs birthday today! Again Happy Birthday Becca! We all hope you had a great day and dinner at Bucca di Beppo.

Birthday Girl!

Birthday Girl!


One crazy thing that did happen to the Blue Group today was a Portuguese Man-of-War sting! Yikes! Apparently it was right in front of Candiceʻs face but she didn’t get stung at all… All of the bad ocean karma went to Rhianna… Iʻm sure you can imagine how all this panned out. Anyways I have to get back to writing an introduction now! Mahalo!

"Youʻre tough."

“Youʻre tough.”


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