Day 9: Computer Meltdown!!!!!

We awoke this morning thinking it would be a relaxing day. We didn’t have to go out to the field, it was a day of GIS (Geographical Informational System) labs in the education classroom. Little did we know that the day would be filled with computer failures (mainly mine) and three hours of trying to download the GIS program Arc maps onto all of the computers. After a call to two separate IT guys we were able to get the program installed on most of the computers(with the exception of mine again!). While we waited for all of the programs to download we started work on our introductions which are due on Friday. 

Next we took a much needed break for lunch after what felt like a very unproductive morning and came back refreshed and ready to have a discussion with Dr. Zac Forsman. During the talk with Zac we discussed our projects and some groups even tweaked their methods. Next we came up with a schedule for the next 6 field days. Its crazzzzzzzzzzy insane trying to fit all of the data collection for three groups into 6 days, but I think we can do it.

Finally at 3:00 in the afternoon we got around to doing the GIS lab that we were supposed to do earlier in the morning. After a brief lecture by Lisa Wedding on GIS we started right into the first section of learning GIS. This took us until 5:00 when we then packed up and headed to the dorm to start preparing for our next field day. Dan made us all Jambalaya that was just what we needed after probably one of the most exhausting days of our course.

Tomorrow we continue our field research!!!! DON’T let Madison drive!!!

Good night!!!!


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2 Responses to “Day 9: Computer Meltdown!!!!!”

  1. anuinhawaii Says:

    Have fun in the field tomorrow and let me know how it all went.

  2. Nicole Says:

    Don’t let Madison SING and DRIVE at the same time! ;)
    I love reading all your blogs everyone! Great work!

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