Day 15: Muus Balls & Muddy Waters

Hey Everyone!

It’s Kalene from the Green Team taking over the blog today. Today was a pretty crazy day for us today. After deploying muus balls (yes, that’s what they are called) to test water motion on reefs in the central part of the bay, we were hit by the craziest downpour. Sideways rain as hard as pellets hitting our faces, we raced to the north part of the bay to escape the onslaught. We were then met with the saddest sight; muddy brown water as far as the eye could see. Some even described it as chocolate brown. This water went as far to Reef 26 in the central part of the bay.¬†All kinds of debris were drifting along including one black buoy, a hard hat and an algal covered plastic crate, all of which we retrieved. Dr. Keisha Bahr was shocked and said it was the worse she’s seen in the 6 years she’s been here. It was bittersweet; possibly doing harm to Reef 43; the gorgeous Turtle Reef but beneficial to our project about the effects of factors like runoff from the land affecting coral reef benthic composition. We hope to go out tomorrow and see what has happened. We then got to Skype the lovely Dr. Wedding in her Santa Cruz office about applying ArcGIS to our projects. We are then ending the night with Tortas that already smell wonderful.

Some Pictures of the day:



Dr. Keisha Bahr was our lovely boat driver today



Heading towards the storm




Muus Balls (seriously)


Part of the team coming back after deploying muus balls




Jazmin grabbing a hard hat out of the water


Change in the bay (PC: Keisha Bahr)




Literal chocolate brown water



Spoils from the day (buoy, hard hat and crate)



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