Day 17: Turtles, Trumpetfish and Tunicates Oh My

Hi! It’s Jordyn back on the blog. Day 17 has come so quickly, and tomorrow marks our last full week of field days!

Team Red Seas, that’s us :) , spent today at Reef 43, which is by far our favorite reef in the bay. One of the main reasons that it is our favorite is because it is the hang out spot for lots of sea turtles! Today, during the hour we were collecting samples on the reef, we saw 38 different Hawaiian Sea Turtles! At one point we saw a “turtle tower” where 4 turtles were hovering above each other, waiting to get into their favorite cleaning puka, or hole. Unfortunately our underwater camera had died before we got to the reef so we didn’t get any photos :(. But, you can take my word for it. We saw one turtle that we’ve seen every time we’ve come to this reef, we know that it’s the same turtle because it has a large growth on its back left flipper. Despite having this growth, this turtle seems to be doing just fine and watches us every time we swim by. Besides just the turtles, we also saw so many schools of fish and Chiyoko got to see a trumpetfish, which was a highlight of the day.

Alexa and Red Team on the MOP Boat

Because we are the only team of 3, we have been able to be on the MOP boat, pictured above, because it’s the biggest, which means we can pair up with the other teams! Today we got driven around by the lovely Alexa, who even came snorkeling with us to check out all our turtle friends. Unexpected photos taken by Green Team when you’re attempting to put on your wet suit are fun :)

Red Team with our beloved BOB

Our honorary fourth team member is BOB, aka the yellow float that holds our dive flag and all of our field equipment. We used to have a red one, which was fitting for the red team, but along the way it got a hole in it and deflates too quickly for us. So thanks to Blue Team, we get to now use a fully inflated yellow one. My nickname is “The Human BOB” because I wear a 7 mm wet suit, which means I can float around without even kicking my fins. This also means I cannot dive down to the parts of the reef we are working on, which are called calves, so I am the designated sample and data collector.

Most of the other teams are finishing up/finished with their field work, which means on days like tomorrow, we are the only ones using the boats! Other than that, we’re all very excited for Sunday, which is our BBQ, hosted by us for our friends and family, to show them what we’ve been doing and the island that we’ve called home for the past almost 3 weeks.

Now we await a lovely dinner made by our sole Aloha for now!

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    “We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.”
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