Day 16: The Fun Continues


Just a picture of our beautiful work place!

Hello Everyone!

This is Jessica from green team! Unfortunately this is my second and final post to the blog… But all 14 others of the Biology 403 class of 2017 have to have a turn too! Well today wasn’t too exciting of a day, it seems like everyone is kind of winding down with their field day’s and getting ready to write our papers and prepare our presentations. Most of the teams have been coming back early for the past few days, but some still have a lot of work to do. It kind of seems like the calm before the storm, and by storm I mean the stress of finishing a paper and a getting a presentation together within less than week. My team has just been picking up the muus balls we set the day before and then replacing them with new ones. It is still a lot of work and swimming that gets done from going to 5 reefs in one day though! Today we did finish pretty early so we decided to stroll over to turtle reef, there were a lot of turtles, hence the name but we also found an octo!


I spy with my little eye…


They are such fascinating sea creatures and are oh so smart. Yellow team is also in the same boat as green team! As our projects are quite similar,  they have been setting muus balls and then picking them up the next day as well. Blue team has been doing similar back and forth work but with setting algae plates and then picking them up.


Algae plate

One notable sight from Delaney, in the blue team, was a shark! She said she just saw the tail, but it was scary enough for her to hurry back to the boat! Finally red team, seems to have the most to do, they are still collecting water samples from multiple reefs with 24 sites per reef.  We are all routing for you Red Team! Anyways this was just a brief description of where everyone is at on the fourth day of the third week out of 4 weeks.



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