Day 20: The Finale!

Hey all, this is Alina again!

So…today was our last day of field work. sad day. But it was also a very eventful day. It all started with an early meeting (at least for me because I enjoy my sleep) with Dr. Wedding to discuss some final details for our data. Then we made our way to the water! (the best part about this course). Today, we went to the sandbar for 2 reasons; 1) to clean the boats since this would be the last time we would use them, and 2) to take amazing pictures!!! We had fun struggling to take pyramid pictures as a group and just hung out and enjoyed our last time in Kāneʻohe Bay. Luckily, we had a stress free day because when we got home we all instantly began to stress out, after our naps of course, about all the work that we had to get done before the end of the course. So tonight all of the teams are continuing to work on their papers. It’s gonna be a busy couple of days before we have to leave this beautiful island.

we are so adorable! :)

we are so adorable! :)


Chicken Fight!!!


I want to be where the mermaids are!

Can you spot the token male??


Apparently we wanted to be mimes.


Welcome to Sunken City!

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2 Responses to “Day 20: The Finale!”

  1. Rancs Says:

    Too much fun!

    Did anyone solve the Cryptoquip from the day six post? Here’s another hint: H=T

    Happy graduation…er…certificate acceptance! And I hope you all get to wnjoy some

  2. Rancs Says:

    delicious za’atar seasoning on its way to you as we speak!

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