Day 22: This is not the end!

Hello everyone Rhianna here,

It is the last day can you believe it. All groups are putting the finishing touches on their papers and busting out some fantastic presentations, can’t wait to watch them all. It is quite incredible how time flies by, yet I feel like introductions were ages ago. We all have made it through with lots of valuable knowledge that we will use in our upcoming journeys and life after being an undergrad. We are experts at field and data analysis problems!



My fablious awesome mom (Tammy Rehl) made hats for the entire 403 program. Thank you mom.

My fantastic mom (Tammy Rehl) made hats for the entire 403 program. Thank you mom.

For those of us like myself that this is the end of our undergraduate journey, a whole new world awaits and I’m thankful for the knowledge this course has provided for me. This class has been the most valuable one in my career so far.

Thank you professors, TA’s, TI, and all you classmates. I know we’re all so sad that this program is coming to an end, but its not really because  we all will forever have a piece of  Moku o lo ‘e with us and life long friends.


So if you don’t remember me, remember these words, ” If it excites you and sets your soul on fire, chase after it.”

Alex remember girls run the world!

But I’ll remember all of you yaywhoos so you better remember me ;p

Okeeiiii guys lets wrap things up and get some rest, I wish you the best.

~ Rhianna

P.S. tune back in tomorrow evening


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