Aloha mai kākou, itʻs Baylee and Mike here! This morning we awoke to pouring rain and had our first breakfast on Coconut Island. We stayed positive about the coming day and received a boat safety lecture from Jason Jones. Everyone learned to tie a bowline and how to properly cleat a boat. Due to our collective positive energy, the sun came out shortly after the lecture and we headed out to the boats.

Glassy Day on Kāneʻohe Bay


There we learned how to prepare for a day of fieldwork and how to maintain and operate the boats. We visited reefs 42 and 43 and explored the patch reefs. We were fortunate enough to witness a manta ray, an octopus, and numerous gigantic sea turtles. The corals appeared to be thriving and healthy!

Fungia (Lobactis)

As our stomachs began to rumble, we got out of the water to have our lunches. We did not realize how difficult it could be to have four boats but only two coolers. Sandwiches were being passed between boats on flotation devices so everyone could eat their food. We briefly visited reef 44 and were surprised by the abundance of algae and Collector Urchins.

3-Finned HonuThen we headed back to Coconut Island and received a lecture on utilizing unmanned aerial systems (UAS) for coral reef surveys. We are all now hoping that our future professions will not be replaced by drones someday.

Hydroides elegans


Our day was complete after chowing down on spaghetti. Tomorrow we will be heading out into Kāneʻohe Bay to conduct surveys on Fungia scutaria (Lobactis). 

Three Honu at Reef 42

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  1. Dad Says:

    That is so cool mija. Looking forward to receiving your daily reports. Have fun and love you

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