DAY 4: Day 4 of No Sleep

Today we started off with a skype visit from Dr. Wedding to give us a brief introduction to GIS which will help us in developing our research.  GIS stands for geographic information systems and is a tool used for collecting, managing, and analyzing spatial data. We started to think about our proposal ideas and figure out how to work as one giant team.  We decided that the four teams(red, blue, green, and purple) would have individual questions that would relate to the overall question of the abundance and distribution of Fungia.  We also decided what surveying technique each team would be in charge of.  Timed swim, water quality, cluster, benthic analysis would be headed by red, blue, purple, and green team respectively.  Afterwards it was time to head out to the field and practice the surveying technique, timed swim.  The small teams split up into partners and each partner took one side of the reef and counted all the Fungia they came across for one hour.  The size, color, location relative to the reef, and location relative to other fungia was recorded.

Pic 1


The biggest problem we encountered today was very low tides.  We were only able to survey the edge of the reef where the water was deep enough to snorkel because the tops of the reefs were out of the water.  The tides did rise eventually and because of this the red team’s boat anchor came off the bottom and the boat started to drift so red team almost had to swim across the channel to chase down the boat.  Which none of us were excited about. Luckily Alexa was on the boat and able to bring it back closer to us so we didn’t have to brave the channel and risk any in-water shark sightings.  We saw some moon jellies that were the size of a quarter.  We came back early to bring next week’s food to coconut island.  Then we went to a lecture about surveying Hawaii’s sharks.  We learned that one of the largest tiger sharks ever tagged was recorded in Kaneohe Bay last summer!  Hopefully its not recorded this summer by one of us!


-Kevyn and Sarah BMoon Jelly

Red team before almost swimming across the channel

Red team before almost swimming across the channel


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