DAY 5: Fundamentals of Fungia

This morning we woke up to beautiful weather, strong winds, and a replenished stock of breakfast foods- thanks to Becca! After breakfast we had a skype GIS lesson with Dr. Wedding, where she gave us a tour of some of the map data that is available to us. Following our lecture, we had a very productive meeting working with our teams to come up with research questions that interest us. We then presented our ideas to the class and received a lot of positive, constructive feedback. It was so helpful to discuss our research proposals with our peers and professors since everyone was eager to help improve our ideas and provide helpful advice. Since our meeting ran so long, we went back to our house to eat lunch with Dr. Hunter and Trevor.

Then we headed to the boats to get started with our surveys. Our goal today was to have each team survey a different reef for Fungia abundance using a technique called (adaptive cluster sampling). We were given 10 random GPS points along the reef to survey, where we placed a 2m2 PVC quadrat and looked for Fungia. Luckily, on our small reef, we came across Fungia in almost every quadrat. Unfortunately, the water was shallow and the current was pushing us over the reef. Those of us on Green Team were able to survey three GPS points on reef 32 and found many aggregations of Fungia. Those of us on Red Manta Team were only able to survey two GPS points on Reef 31, however we found young, sessile Fungia!! Some of the other teams had similar issues with shallow reef and currents, but we were all able to collect data for an hour or so before heading back to the house. The field exercise was a great learning experience, and afterwards we talked about how today’s experiences helped us to improve our underwater communication skills. On the way back, the water was choppy and the Red Manta Team had some fun getting sprayed with seawater, and wearing the latest in sunglass fashion! Today had no scheduled afternoon class, however we continued to work with our teammates in developing our research proposal.


We are all looking forward to having tomorrow off to rest, catch up on sleep, and prepare ourselves for Monday- when the real research begins!


Written by:

Amy Knowles

Mason Barca



An aggregation of Fungia clones in a crevice














Green Team member, Amy, surveying a quadrat on Reef 32.













Green Team members, Mike and Enrique, surveying a quadrat on Reef 32.













Purple Team members Lauren and Karla surveying reef 30.













Red Manta Team in search for the GPS point and saying hello to a turtle.













Red Manta Team discovering some sessile young Fungia.


















Red Manta Team modeling the newest fashion in dive-wear.


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  1. Rodger Waters Says:

    Red Manta Team looking sharp :) Enjoy yourselves and work hard!

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