Day 11: Aloha Friday!!!

After a late start getting up, since everyone was so tired from our hard night’s work, class started just on time. Since we weren’t in the field today, the first half of the day was spent working on a continuation of Wednesday’s lab, learning the GIS modules, which actually takes more time than one would expect!

After lunch the class returned to the classroom and the second part of the afternoon was focused on putting the final touches on the introductions to our reports. However, by far the most exciting part of the day occurred late in the afternoon when yours truly returned from the hospital, free of both cast and broken finger! The doctor told me I would be in the water with my amazing teammates by next week! To say the class was overjoyed would be a definite understatement, and we all celebrated over dinner, Midwestern tacos, prepared by our resident Minnesotan, Emily.

After dinner everyone set out working on preparations for tomorrows day on the water.  James, Madi and Peter worked on wrapping our flow balls inside wire and attaching them to flags, while Dan, Lauren and myself input all our GPS data into the GPS units on Dan’s bunk-bed, fun!

We were also able to spot a beautiful green-headed eel in the lagoon while he searched for a safe hole to hide in! Pretty cool, check it out!

See you tomorrow -Captain Mo


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2 Responses to “Day 11: Aloha Friday!!!”

  1. anuinhawaii Says:

    nice job Mo, I’m glad you can soon join everybody in the water!

  2. Markus Says:

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