After an early start and a brief run-through of our tasks of the day, each team set out for the boats, eager to get into the water.   The Blue team continued to survey the water quality, using the YSI probe, throughout Kane’ohe Bay. Everyone in the team got to practice using various techniques with the YSI and GPS making it a very fruitful experience.


Sarah and Karla taking YSI water quality data.

In the afternoon the teams made it to the nearby sandbar where we had lunch and immediately started shivering as illustrated by a lovely volunteer below!


Sarah shivering due to windy conditions

Once all the teams arrived at the sandbar, Green team immediately started bragging about how they saw a manta ray while snorkeling and Red team jealously  said “next time you see one look away!” Purple team started telling all of us about the cool color morphs of the coral that they found and showed us some cool picture of them!

Manta Ray

Dr. Hunter surprised us all with not one, not two, BUT THREE delicious lemon bundt cakes to celebrate all the end of May birthdays (awwww)!!! We all sang happy birthday and ate ‘cake by the ocean.’


Our three end of May Birthday celebrants Alexa, Karla, and Mike.


Dr. Hunter’s surprise cakes!


All teams finally at the sandbar after hours of counting Fungia scutaria in patch reefs.

Eventually, we all had to head back to Moku O Loe for our 3:30pm guest lecture on Coral Bleaching, Ocean Acidification, and Informed Resource Management by a NOAA representative. Hopefully, we’ll be back to the sandbar soon.

Thanks for reading!
~ Andrew and Karla.


Andrew retrieving the anchor after lunch. We’ll be back!

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