Today on Coconut Island….


The act of SCIENCE heats up as our groups master the techniques we have been practicing all week. After having four highly skilled teams work on different aspects of coral reef surveys – benthic surveys, timed swims, adaptive clustering, and water quality – our groups began to cement their methods and several groups finished their work earlier than usual today. Purple team finished their first reef after a grueling week-long torture session informally known to the scientific community as adaptive clustering. After mapping all of Reef 14, they managed to move onto Reef 24. They also spotted an orange Fungia coral, in a color morph that had not yet been seen.


The strain of island fever first manifested itself today, as the enraged college students took out their anger on an innocent coconut that had been sitting too close to their perceived territory. After capturing said coconut, the 403 students hacked the drupe into pieces and feasted upon it, thus reminding the island’s palm trees that humans are at the top of the food chain. Hopefully no more innocent fruits face this same morbid fate.


After our expeditions, we had a lecture done by the excellent Jan Vicente, who informed us about sponge diversity of Kaneohe Bay. After another great day of hard unpaid labor we feasted upon quinoa risotto, thus placing the perfect cap on the tenth day of our tropical island stay.


Also, this is captain Alexa. Just FYI.

-Sarah P and Jeremy G

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